For One More

You can live for you, or for something more! We step outside of ourselves to serve, reach and impact our world. Jesus showed us how to live for God and how to love people. He was always reaching For One More, never limited by brokenness or differences. Like Jesus, The Mount exists For One More.

Make aDifference

What starts with you, leads to a chain reaction making a difference to people all over the world. Whether that’s serving where people are hurting, leading kids and students or volunteering in the community, we demonstrate the hope we know in Jesus when we’re making a difference to others. God wants to use you as a catalyst to change lives and deliver hope.

We all want to do something, we just need to see how. We’re serving every week with local partners, in world wide missions and in community projects. And when our annual Impact Week kicks off we get to see God work through a powerful week of service. The Mount is here to make a difference For One More.


How about a partnership? We’ll bring exciting, energized experiences for your kids to know Jesus AND put all the tools in your hands to keep the conversation going! You’ve got unlimited potential to help your kids see how much God loves them. Let’s help them see they can trust God no matter what!


The world is changing, but our vision for students remains the same: Follow Jesus. Finding a faith that’s their own starts when students know they belong. Our groups and environments are designed for students to grow their faith, their character, and their relationships in a place where they feel they matter.

What can you doto make a difference?

Take a step with us. Together, we continue to be FOR ONE MORE to know the hope of Jesus.


We take risks to invite people to know Jesus. We can’t keep to ourselves what God is doing in us. Whether that’s to come sit with us in worship or gather in a group. We all want a place to belong.


We’re committed to learn, worship and serve together. We grow through the encouragement and accountability of other believers. We are better together.


Financial giving shows we trust God’s Word. We know the things He has planned are beyond what we can know. Our giving creates a ripple effect that goes out to make a difference to people in need all around the world. The Mount starts by giving 10% of everything it receives to people serving outside the walls of the church.


We serve others because God created us to make a difference. The Mount is volunteer driven! Each and every life impacted by The Mount’s vision to make a difference happened because of volunteers.

Lead PastorAdam Sauer

Pastor Adam and his wife Kristin have two young sons and have been serving and leading in ministries together since the early days of their relationship. Previously, Pastor Adam served as the Executive Pastor of Family Ministries, as well as part of the teaching team at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Adam led the teaching on Sundays for this multicampus, multi-racial and multi-generational church regularly throughout his time there, while serving on the Executive Team and leading in creating a culture of service by the church.

Our Beliefs

The Bible is God’s Word to all people. It tells the true story of God, man, sin, redemption, and reconciliation. Since the Word is inspired by God, the Bible is the source of truth, without error, and relevant for daily living.