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Life is better with people who encourage and challenge you to grow. We believe God created us to live connected to Him and people around us.

VolunteerLead a Group

As a Group Leader, you’ll help establish deep connections while having the unique opportunity to influence others as they grow in their faith. You may think you’re unqualified, but maybe God has already given you just what you need to lead!

Your Faith. Your Journey.

We believe active faith is a continuous journey.
Whether you’re just starting, or have followed Jesus for years, we can help you find your next step!

Our Groups

GatherFind an Event

Get the group together for an event. Better yet, invite someone to join in!

GatherPray in a Group

Apart from God, we can do nothing. Come pray with us at one of our open group prayer times.


5am | Stafford Campus | Prayer Room
7pm | Stafford Campus | Prayer Room


7:30am | Stafford Campus | Prayer Room
9:30am | Fredericksburg Campus | Prayer Room

The Mount Worship

We gather to celebrate and proclaim our salvation through the work of Jesus. When people want to celebrate, they throw a party. And when people throw a party, they play music and dance. And because, we have much to celebrate, most Sundays at The Mount will be more like a dance party than a funeral.

“Sing to him a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.” Psalm 33:3