At The Mount Church we believe it is important to educate families and individuals how to become successful and independent regarding financial matters. Because of this, we offer as one of our Build Class, Building Wise Finances. This group is offered to anyone seeking to get a better handle on personal and family finances.

Even with financial planning, we understand unexpected life events or family crises arise.  We are committed to providing limited financial assistance to those actively involved at The Mount experiencing such a season.

  • You must be connected to The Mount through a group, volunteering or tithing.
  • We do not provide assistance for: hotel/motel bills, cable bills, cell phone bills, credit card debt, storage units or any type of taxes.
  • Any applicant demonstrating manipulative, deceitful, demanding or abusive behavior will not be eligible for financial assistance.

If you are requesting financial assistance please complete the following.

Process of Benevolence

Financial assistance is NOT guaranteed to every applicant.

The Benevolence Team meets usually once per week. Most requests can be processed within two-three weeks. Check are processed within 10 days of approval.

Financial assistance is limited to one time per year; however, in extenuating circumstances, additional consideration may be given. To qualify for additional assistance within a 12-month period, applicants must have completed Financial Peace University.

Individuals requesting assistance will receive an email confirmation and a request for additional information may be required. No consideration will be given until all information is received.

With my electronic signature below, I acknowledge I have read the guidelines and process and will provide additional information as requested by the Benevolence Team to help determine if any assistance will be extended.