Fun Bringers

Activities Team
25 Slots
Provide activities for our guests to enjoy throughout the evening.
Buddy Team
100 Slots
Accompany/assist guest throughout the entire event, from beginning to end.
Paparazzi Team
75 Slots
Provide lots of energy and excitement for guests and caregivers as they enter the event and walk the red carpet.
Check-In/Check-Out Team
8 Slots
Warmly greet guests as they arrive and get them checked in; utilize security measures at the end of the evening to get guests safely back to their caregiver.
Volunteer Management
4 Slots
Greet and check-in all volunteers on the day of the event.

Care Takers

Bathroom Attendant Team
4 Slots
Create a pleasant atmosphere in the restrooms and provide limited assistance as needed.
Caregiver Team
8 Slots
Provide a fun space and a calm space to indulge caregivers.
Medical Team
2 Slots
Provide basic first aid, as needed, during the event.
Sensory Space Team
6 Slots
Provide a calm space for over-stimulated guests to regroup.

Support Givers

Facilities Team
4 Slots
Assist behind the scenes to accommodate set-up and tear-down, as well as handle facility concerns during the event.
Food Service Team
20 Slots
Prepare bagged meals for volunteers, serve guests and buddies catered meal.
Parking Team
6 Slots
Facilitate and monitor traffic flow throughout the event.
Security Team
15 Slots
Monitor the campus during the event, ensuring all exits remain clear; support LEO, Fire, EMT as needed.
Set-Up Team
16 Slots
Assist prior to the event (either during the week or the day of) to ensure that event set-up is complete by 3:00pm.
Support Team
10 Slots
Provide support throughout the event, wherever assistance is needed.

Idea Makers

Decor Team
10 Slots
Provide cohesive decor for all areas of The Mount that support that year's theme (This year it is Enchanted Forest).
Event Attire Team
20 Slots
Create an event to take place approx. 3-4 weeks prior to Bright Night in which guests can choose their evening wear and get it altered if necessary.
SWAG Bags for Guests Team
4 Slots
Curate items for guests to take home, pack the bags prior to the event and write notes of encouragement.
SWAG Bags for Caregivers Team
4 Slots
Curate items for caregivers to take home, pack the bags prior to the event and write notes of encouragement.