Kids Ministry Director

Paula Herko

Phone. 952.432.4332

What is your hometown? Dunoon, Scotland

What is your favorite band(s)? This week my faves are: Bright Ones, Highland Kids, Jordan Feliz, Joel Vaughn, G12 Worship

What are your hobbies? Hobbies: wood burning, making wooden signs, painting, embroidery

What is your favorite food? Sushi, Enchiladas, Homemade Soups, Apple Pie

What are 2 items on your bucket list? Explore the Pacific Northwest on an epic road trip, Visit all National Parks

What is your favorite book(s)? Circle series by Ted DekKer (anything by DekKer)

What biblical character do you relate with the most? Job – He persevered when life got really hard and still loved God with all of his heart. It’s a great example to be obedient no matter what.

What college did you attend? Baptist College of Florida