Connect Groups

Why Connect Groups Exist

Connect Groups exist to present people the love of Christ through God-centered communities that are focused on experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Connect Groups provide safe places for their members to come together to develop authentic relationships, grow according to their God given gifts and meet individual needs.

Different Types of Connect Groups

There are various Connect Groups that we offer here at The Mount. Connect groups range from recreation groups such as disc golf and basketball to in-depth sermon studies and prayer focused growth groups. Each group is unique as each leader brings their God inspired dreams and passions to the group members. We believe there is a group for everyone at our church, and that everyone has a place in one. CLICK HERE to find a Connect Group today!

Want to Become a Connect Group Leader

We believe you can never have too much of a good thing! We are always looking to start new Connect Groups that can offer a variety of subjects, activities, family dynamics and locations! If you are interested CLICK HERE to fill out the online application.

Connect Group Leadership Nights

Leadership Nights are a time when all of the current and prospective Connect Group leaders can come together, share a meal, cast vision, and share stories about their group and what has been happening.



Contact Pastor Mark at: for more details or to be a part of one of the Leadership Nights.